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Brief History

History of Wintech Automation

Footprint of Wintech Automation
2020 Selected as 「2020 Global Hidden Champion No.1」
2019 Awarded 「Export Tower of Three Million Dollar」 on 56th Trade Day
EMO2019 Exhibition
Selected as '2019 Youth-Friendly Hidden Champion' by Ministry of Employment and Labor
[Patent] Insert tip mounting device and its mounting method
CIMT2019 Exhibition
Obtained Certificate for best working condition in Kyunggi-do

[Patent] To create robot position and trekking path using CAD shape of object

Selected as 2018 "Youth-Friendly Hidden Champion"

Conducted mission from Ministy of SMEs and Startups for Innovation development

Conducted mission from Ministry of Trade and Industry for Energy technology development

CIMES2018 Exhibition

JIMTOF2018 Exhibition

DMP2018 Exhibition


Awarded"One Million Dollar Export Tower" on 54th Trading Day

Selected as special company fo researching agents in MMA

Selected as “Hidden Champion” from Ministry of Employment and labor

[Patent] Cemented carbide insert product case assembling device

[Patent] Cemented carbide insert marking device

[Patent] Cemented carbide flipping device

CIMT2017 Exhibition


Selected as “Youth-Friendly Hidden Champion”

Selected as special company for industrial agents in MMA

Conducted industrial core research mission from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

[Patent] Cemented carbide insert gripper

[Patent] Cemented vacuum insert gripper

Selected as “Kyunggi-do Promising Small and Medium Sized Enterprise”

[Patent] Cemented carbide insert align and reversing device


[Patent] Cemented carbide insert inspection device

Conducted mission from SME and Startup Administration

[Patent] Cemented carbide insert cleaning and deburring device

[Patent] Cemented carbide insert loading device for PVD coating

Developed cemented carbide insert inspection device

Developed high-precision Proving device

Started exporting cemented carbide insert handler to Japan and China


[Patent] Transporter for cemented carbide insert

[Patent] NC press (total 4)


[Patent] NC press pickup device

[Patent] Handling device for cemented hard metal press


[Patent] Method for remote controlling motor and inverter

[Patent] Honing handler for cemented carbide inserts

Registered to Korea Software Industry Association

Released NI-COM series

Obtained MIC certificate for NI-COM


Released ID-SERIES

Certified as “Innovated Small Business” (INNO-BIZ)

Established Hitachi system PLC customer service center


[Patent] Automatic position modifier for semiconductor wafer and its method

Awarded “Proposal Award” from SK telecom solution division


[Patent] Automation of manual stepper using robot vision system and its methods

Selected as “Small Business Technology Innovation Development” company

Registered as venture company

Established corporation R&D center


Hitachi Korea dealer

Wintech Automation Co. Ltd,. Established